Who can participate in sound-healing sessions?

The accomplished and experienced team at Sounding Spirit deliver customized workshops and sessions of sound healing to your group, regardless of the number of people. Rest assured that everyone can participate; sound sessions are open to all, regardless of physical fitness, age, learning disabilities, or social/emotional challenges.


What happens at a sound-healing session?

Your Sounding Spirit leader will bring a selection of instruments for your session; these may include:

  • Crystal bowls
  • Himalayan singing bowls
  • Native American flutes, drums, and rattles
  • Symphonic gongs
  • Harmonium
  • Melodious chimes and bells


Most sessions last for 60 minutes (including 15 minutes each for warm-up and cool down), and can be adjusted depending on the time you have available.


While your session will be customized, a typical sound-healing session has three parts:

  • Get acquainted with the sounds. All of the instruments are displayed, and all participants are encouraged to pick them up, make noise, and try out all the different sounds. (Don’t worry if your group is shy; we’re not!)
  • Listen and enjoy. Based on your needs and the feelings of the group, our team uses the instruments to create a “sound bath” – literally, participants are awash in sound. Audiences are always amazed at how their moods change when they hear certain musical sounds. There are plenty of scientific (and metaphysical) reasons that sound has such an impact – the important thing to know is, it works!
  • Share with others. When time allows, we love to hear from participants about what the experience has been like. How did they feel before starting? What do they feel like now? What part did they like most? Least? We’ve found that this conversation enlightens us, and helps to validate each participant’s experience.


Whether you want an energetic way to start a fundraising walk, a midday work break for frazzled employees, or a relaxing wrap-up for an employee health fair, a session with Sounding Spirit is a unique and effective way to improve the experience!


Are you available for individual sessions?

Contact us for details on individual sessions.

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